2021 Winter Northeast English Gospel Camp


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Session 1 Jan 2 morning
Session 2 Jan 2 night
Session 3 Jan 3 morning
Session 4 Jan 3 night


January 2 to January 3, 2021
Online (Zoom/YouTube) – The Link/Zoom Account (To be provided later)
Go to ctmnj.org/neegc/ or
directly click https://ctmnj.org/neegc/2021/pub-info.php
“The Light in the Darkness” (John 12:46)
Brothers Jairo Santos (Brazil) and Wes Coddington (Idaho, USA)

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Total 55 registered. (42 Christians)

Key Contacts

  • Emmanuel Cha [emmanuelcha2010@gmail.com]
  • Janming Hou [janming.hou@gmail.com]
  • Jeff Lee [sarge1982@gmail.com]
  • Shengfu Lee [shengfulee@westrock.com]
  • Kwok Wai Lem [kwlem2001@yahoo.com]
  • Anli Liu [anliliu6789@gmail.com]
  • Winnie & Quinie Mei [tanakananase02@gmail.com]
  • Geoffrey Pittman [geoffreypittman@gmail.com]
  • John Sideco [jsideco74@gmail.com]
  • Frank Smith [frankgman1961@verizon.net]
  • Robert Wang [bobcwang@gmail.com]
  • Harry Winans [harrywinans@yahoo.com]
  • Lijun Yang [ylijuns@gmail.com]
  • Paul Yang [y2006peng@163.com]
  • Dan Yee [pastordanyee@gmail.com]
  • Paul Yu [paulyu99@gmail.com]
  • John Zhang [jzhang8@optonline.net]
  • Jairo Santos [jjsantos2005@gmail.com]
  • João [jhrmenegotto@gmail.com]
  • Prem T. [premthodeti@gmail.com]
  • Samuel Christy [samuelc.asaph@gmail.com]
  • Murali Krishna [gmuralikrishna4@gmail.com]
South Korea/ Kenya/Ethiopia
  • Jisan Eom [jm97ejs@hanmail.net]
  • Namsoo Jeng [glory2him@naver.com]
  • Murali Krishna [gmuralikrishna4@gmail.com]
  • HaiKwong Lee [wjdtnr003@naver.com]

Schedule (USA New York Time - Eastern Standard Time)

Click here for Zoom Meeting Link.

Morning Times Session Names Saturday, January 02, 2021 (YouTube) Sunday, January 03, 2021 (YouTube)
Prayer Meeting Pastor Frank Smith Pastor Janming Hou
8:00-9:00 Break
9:00-9:20 Praise Little Flock Church in India
Message Pastor Wes Coddington Pastor Wes Coddington
10:50-11:00 Fellowship Small Break-out Group Fellowship
11:00-18:00 Break
Night Times Session Names Saturday, January 02, 2021 (YouTube) Sunday, January 03, 2021 (YouTube)
Prayer Meeting Pastor Frank Smith Pastor Janming Hou
19:00-19:30 Break
19:30-19:50 Praise Little Flock Church in India
Message Brother Jairo Santos Brother Jairo Santos
20:30-21:30 Fellowship Small Break-out Group Fellowship
After 22:20 Break

Invitation Letter

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ:

The COVID-19 pandemic - though it persists as a headache for some and a major detriment for others - will not stop the spiritual battle to spread the Good News to the rest of the world [2 Timothy 4:2]. We were humbled and excited to see what God had in store at this last summer's Gospel Camp.

Our Lord has given us a gift of sharing the Good News online with different churches in the USA, Brazil/Chile/Argentina, India, South Korea/Kenya/Ethiopia, and elsewhere that have joined us for the first time in this last summer.

Since then, the coworkers have additional burdens to expand NEEGC to have the winter gospel camp as in the call from the prayers of Jabez [1 Chronicles 4:10].

We would like to extend an invitation to those that wish to seek the Lord for the first time or are returning to hear His words again at your church. The churches overseas have agreed to provide interpretation for the local dialects/language.

Please begin to pray for seekers in your church. Also, please make an announcement and ask those interested to mark down the weekend of January 2-3 as the date to welcome the New Year.

We will continue to update relevant information about this winter Gospel Camp as often as possible.

The theme for the messages this year is “The Light in the Darkness [John 12:46]”. We are thrilled to have Brothers Jairo Santos [Brazil] and Wes Coddington [Idaho, USA] as our speakers in winter outreach.

All of them are the veterans in the field of outreaching at home and abroad. We look forward with eager anticipation to hear the Word of God and see the Hand of God. Their “bios” are given in a separate section for your information.

If you would like to attend or participate in this year’s Gospel Camp for the first time, or if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of usin Key Contacts.

God will do His work; let’s be challenged to join Him by seeking His Kingdom and Righteousness first and to find more seekers for the New Year of 2021.

In eager anticipation,

All the coworkers of 2021 EM Gospel Camp

2021 Speakers’ Bio – Brother Jairo Santos

In the late 80’s, a group of young believers including Jairo Santos and Lucio Aguirre gathered in a fellowship in Brazil that was led by late Brother Christian Chen. This fellowship has grown and fanned out into other ministries in USA, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina. At the same time, Brothers Christian and Jairo (who has been serving as Brother Christian’s interpreter in Brazil) with other saints have the heart to outreach and minister to the young people in the South America. A youth conference at Chile has grown in both size and quality year after year. Brother Stephen Kuang had shared twice at the Chile Youth Conference in the 2000's. Almost at the same time, Jairo and his family accepted the call from the Lord and were sent by Him to minister the saints at South Korea. They had been very involved and fruitful to minister the Korean young people/family at Seoul City Gas Company, Kimpo Assembly, Young Chong Dong Weekend Bible Study.

The following is a bio from brother Jairo:

“I was born and raised in a Christian home as both my grandmother and mother were strong believers. I’ve been acquainted with the Lord’s ways since childhood and my love for His word has never grown cold. I have a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from PUC-RS in Brazil and a PhD in Nuclear Engineering from Rühr Universität Bochum in Germany. While I’ve spent a good part of my life studying engineering and science, this has never prevented me from setting time apart to study the Word of God which is my passion and daily motivation. There is nothing more challenging and rewarding than spending time in the Word. Blessed be the name of our beloved Lord.”


2021 Speakers’ Bio – Wes Coddington

Brother Wes Coddington and his family have the heart to outreach and minister to their friends, relatives, neighborhood, and young people/ family. This year we received their online announcement: - “We got the results back from the liver biopsy and talked with Dr. Majithia. I have a “stage four” cancer and it is incurable. They will give me chemotherapy to extend my life as long as possible. While they can make no promises, the doctor’s best guess based on statistics is a year, maybe more, maybe less.” [https://www.coddingtontribe.com/2020/08/stage-4-and-incurable/].

Please pray for him and his family during difficult time. The following is the Bio from Wes:

Wes Coddington was raised in a home that followed Jesus. He is a fourth generation believer on both sides of his family so the Lord has been infusing Christfollowing culture in his family for generations. Wes accepted Christ when he was 9 but completely gave his life over to Jesus when he was 16. He attended Philadelphia College of Bible (now Cairn University) and studied Youth and Family Ministry. He met his wife Karen there and they were married in 1995. They have three children, two boys at University and a daughter in High School. Wes has pastored in churches all across North America as well as worked in the Marketplace in leadership/team development. His greatest passion is disciple making and helping others to catch the vision our Savior left us to accomplish.