2021 Summer Northeast English Gospel Camp (Online)

September 11-12, 2021


Zoom Meeting
Link Meeting ID: 835 5272 4163, Passcode: 2021
YouTube Stream
Session 1 September 11 morning
Session 2 September 11 night
Session 3 September 12 morning
Session 4 September 12 night


September 11-12, 2021
Online (Zoom/YouTube) – The Link/Zoom Account (To be provided later)
Please see key contacts in your local church
Web Link
Go to ctmnj.org/neegc/ and click "2021 Summer Northeast English Gospel Camp (September 2021)"
or directly click https://ctmnj.org/neegc/2021s/pub-info.php
“In God’s Light, We See Light (Ps 36:9)”
Pastor Matt McAlack, Brother Harry Winans, Pastor F. Smith

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Total 42 registered. (21 Christians)

Key Contacts


  • Emmanuel Cha [emmanuelcha2010@gmail.com]
  • James Chao [thechaoder@gmail.com
  • Janming Hou [janming.hou@gmail.com]
  • Jeff Lee [sarge1982@gmail.com]
  • Shengfu Lee [shengfulee@westrock.com]
  • Kwok Wai Lem [kwlem2001@yahoo.com]
  • James Mastroianni [jamesmastroianni@gmail.com]
  • Geoffrey Pittman [geoffreypittman@gmail.com]
  • Frank Smith [frankgman1961@verizon.net]
  • Bob Wang [ bobcwang@gmail.com]
  • Harry Winans [harrywinans@yahoo.com]
  • Paul Yang [y2006peng@163.com]
  • Shuh Yang [shuhyang@yahoo.com]
  • Dan Yee [pastordanyee@gmail.com]
  • Kent Young [kent.young1@zoho.com]
  • Paul Yu [paulyu99@gmail.com]


  • Jairo Santos [jjsantos2005@gmail.com]


  • Samuel Christy [samuelc.asaph@gmail.com]
  • Murali Krishna [gmuralikrishna4@gmail.com]
  • Prem T. [premthodeti@gmail.com]

South Korea/ Kenya/Ethiopia

  • Jisan Eom [jm97ejs@hanmail.net]
  • Murali Krishna [gmuralikrishna4@gmail.com]
  • HaiKwong Lee [wjdtnr003@naver.com]

Schedule (USA New York Time - Eastern Time)

Click here for Zoom Meeting Link. (Meeting ID: 835 5272 4163, Passcode: 2021)

Morning Session Saturday, September 11, 2021 (YouTube) Sunday, September 12, 2021 (YouTube)
Prayer Meeting Brother Shengfu Lee Pastor Janming Hou
8:00-9:00 Break
  Worship Leader Bro. Murali Krishna (India, South Korea) Bro. Jisan Eom (South Korea)
9:00-9:20 Praise Little Flock Church in India
Message Pastor Matt McAlack Pastor Matt McAlack
10:00-11:00 Small Break-out Groups Small Break-out Group Fellowship Leaders
11:00-18:00 Break
Night Session Saturday, September 11, 2021 (YouTube) Sunday, September 12, 2021 (YouTube)
Prayer Meeting Brother Shengfu Lee Pastor Janming Hou
19:00-19:30 Break
  Worship Leader Bro. Paul Yang (USA) Bro. Paul Yu (USA)
19:30-19:50 Praise Little Flock Church in India
Message Brother Harry Winans Pastor Frank Smith
20:30-21:30 Small Break-out Groups Small Break-out Group Fellowship Leaders
After 21:30 Break

Invitation Letter

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ:

The 2021 Northeast English Gospel Camp (NEEGC) has been moved to a virtual format using Zoom/YouTube, set to be held on 9/11-9/12.

We are humbled and excited that many churches have attended and participated in our Chinese Gospel Camp ministry since 1981. As it was in past years, we are joyfully anticipating that many people will come to Christ.

We are excited to see what God has in store for the Gospel Camp this year. He has given us the gift of the opportunity to share the Good News online with different churches in the US, in addition to churches in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, India, South Korea, Kenya, Ethiopia, and other countries.

We would like to extend an invitation to those who wish to seek the Lord for the first time or are returning to hear His Word again at your church. The churches abroad have agreed to provide interpretation for the local dialects/language.

Please begin to pray for seekers in your church. Also, please make an announcement and ask those interested to keep the weekend of 9/11-9/12 free. We will continue to update relevant information about this Gospel Camp as often as possible.

The theme for the messages this year is “In God’s light, we see light (Ps 36:9)”. Pastor M. McAlack, Brother H. Winans, Pastor F. Smith are our speakers this year. All of them are veterans in the field of outreaching at home and abroad. We are looking forward to hear the Word of God and to see the Hand of God at work.

If you would like to attend or participate in this year’s Gospel Camp or have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

God will do His work; let’s be challenged to join Him by seeking His Kingdom and Righteousness first.

In eager anticipation,

All the coworkers of 2021 Northeast English Gospel Camp (NEEGC)

2021 Speakers’ Bio – Matt McAlack

Pastor Matt McAlack was the first youth pastor at Bergen Christian Testimony Church (BCTC) at Wyckoff, NJ in 1980s. Currently he teaches Bible, theology, psychology, and youth and family ministry at Cairn University.

Since 1996, Matt has also directed JAM (Junior High Adventures in Ministry), a ministry and evangelism training event for middle schoolers at Cairn University.

In addition to serving at Cairn, Matt has also served as a youth pastor and pastor of English ministry, as well as a speaker at conferences and retreats. Currently, he and his wife Michele lead the Youth Ministry and Outreach at Calvary Baptist Church in Bristol Pennsylvania.

Additional Information about Matt:

  1. Director, Youth and Family Ministry; Professor, School of Divinity, Cairn University: Link
  2. Faculty and Staffs at Cairn University: Link
  3. Grateful Generosity: Link
  4. Parenting teenagers without losing hope: Link

2021 Speakers’ Bio – Harry Winans

About four years ago, Harry, his wife Jeannette, and their family came to the North-East English Gospel Camp (NEEGC) at Harvey Cedars, NJ to give a testimony, “My life is no longer in prison”.

Every day the Winans family walks on the streets of Kensington, Pa. Do you know anything about the area called Kensington? Just read and watch the following:

  1. Kensington, Philadelphia, PA Crime: Link
  2. Closing Down a Notorious Heroin Camp in Philadelphia: Link
  3. Walking Tour The Kensington Experience Open Drug Market Up Close: YouTube

The following is in Harry’s own words saying about his ministry: “I'm evangelist who serves with Inner city missions for 6 years on mission field in Kensington, who daily cares for body of Christ & loves God & people. Now I am serving with CityReach church as intercessor. God gives His grace to have me who minister to guys I was in jail with so they don’t go back.”


2021 Speakers’ Bio – Frank G. Smith

Pastor Frank currently serves with the Atlantic Chinese Alliance Church, located in Ventnor, NJ, as the Youth/English pastor. He is serving in his 13th year there. Pastor Frank is licensed and ordained as a minister of the gospel with The Christian & Missionary Alliance denomination (C&MA). Frank has a passion for the lost to come to know the Lord and then grow in their relationship with Him. Neither cultural, racial, economical, nor national boundaries are a concern for him. Frank has a genuine love for people from all walks of life. He is known amongst the church body as an encourager who is full of the love of God.